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If you're curious about the BH party, you have come to the right place. Here you will find details on the warehouse and decor, plus a few goofy ass activities on site.

IF your character is going, please RSVP in this post and let everyone know (forgive my prepositional endings, but it reads dumb the other way around):


We're pretending this warehouse was abandoned, even though the pic is an actual really nice venue in Brooklyn shhh. The BH fixed it up okay. Pietro's Shitty Visual Guide to the BH Party Aesthetic )
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Tag a comment and respond with the classes your character is taking. The class list can be found here.

There are six to seven classes a day. On any given day, a student's schedule can contain required classes (with Science -related classes occasionally occupying a double block for lab time), electives, and a study period.

A spreadsheet can be found here so you can more easily see who takes classes with each other.
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So, borrowing yet another awesome idea from River and Suzene (really, you should have gotten them copyrighted, you'd be making tons of money off us), welcome to the State of the Game. It's an opportunity to update everyone on what your character's doing, who they're friends with, etc. Participation is voluntary, but it's fun and a good way to introduce all the new characters and get everyone on the same page.

So, here we go. Today's State of the Game questions!



Relationships (romantic, friendly, rivalry, etc.):

General impression of the school:

Upcoming plans:

Quirks that others would notice:

If the Brotherhood were to come recruiting, would they be interested?:

Would they be interested in becoming an X-Man?:

Any suggestions for future board plots/things you'd like to see happen?:
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I know there was an email making plans and stuff, but I figured we could use something easier to refer to. you want to show pictures of what your character's wearing? Make plans? Let other people know about major stuff that's happened so that other people can react to it?

Do it here!

(Participation is, of course, totally optional! :) )
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So weird question: how do your characters smell? XD

I'm asking because Inu-yasha's got a sensitive nose, and I think he's not the only one around the school. He's getting to know his fellow students even at a distance by smell, and I'd love to know what he's learning! I mean, he's not going around playing bloodhound (usually), but he picks up lots of scents in a background way. For example, he knows, by scent, who lives in each room in the boys dorm.

So, things to consider: health, what your character eats a lot of, hair/body/laundry products, where they spend lots of time, what their individual smell is like, etc.

Also, places that might smell like your character, like if they spend a lot of time at the gym or in the kitchen.

Thanks! XD
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In AX-OOC, you can find announcements, surveys, and just...stuff. Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere. Have fan art? Fic recs? General...stuff? Post it here!
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